Selecting the TunerStudio Edition for you

Make sure your ECU is supported by TunerStudio MS Lite! 
OBD2 is not supported.


Starting with TunerStudio 3.0 there are 3 Editions with progressively more features. Below is a high level summary of each Edition, followed by a more detailed Feature Matrix.

 TunerStudio MS Lite! - This is offered to the community for free and allows you to connect to your MegaSquirt and change the calibration settings in the controller. It will let you capture and datalog runtime data but is limited to 15 records per second. The is a single 8 gauge dash with selectable gauges.

 TunerStudio MS (Registered) - This is the 1st level upgrade offering many additional features including VE Analyze Live - Tune For you, multiple tabbed dashboards, fancy dashboards, a dashboard designer, Multi Select 1d Curves and tables, Additional Connection options (Bluetooth Direct, D2XX USB, WiFi), a gamut of other tools to make you life easier getting your project up an running it's best. Most people will want to at least register for this edition!

TunerStudio MS Ultra - This is the top of the line TunerStudio for the serious tuner or enthusiast! It has all the features of the standard registered edition, but adds in an Integrated Log Viewer, Tuning and Dyno Views, Advanced Channel Editor, Trim Table Auto-Tune and More!


TunerStudio 3.0 Feature Matrix

Key features supported in each edition
Features TunerStudio Lite! TunerStudio MS TunerStudio Ultra
Basic Data Logging
Contextual Help Bubbles (Read More)
Editing of all Controller Settings
Firmware Loader (Read More)
Ignition & Composite Logger display
Load and Save Tune Files
Main Dash Selectable Gauges
Multiple Project Support
Offline tuning
Standard Serial Communication
Table 3D Tuning Dialog
Unlimited Length Logging
Add Channel Wizard (Simple) (
Advanced Math Functions  
Automatic Restore Points  
Communication - Bluetooth Direct* (Read More)
Communication - FTDI D2XX USB (Read More)
Communication - WiFi (
Compare Tune to saved tune  
Contextual Settings Notes  
Curve Graph Baselines  
Curve Graph Tools (
CurveGraph Multi-Select (
Dashboard Designer  
Data Log Profiles. (
Data Log Triggering - Auto Logging (
Enhanced 2D Table  
Enhanced 3D Tuning  
GPS Support (
Graphical Difference Reports  
High Speed (>15Hz) Logging  
Ignition & Composite Logger File load  
Multiple Tabbed Dashboards  
Notes Log  
Performance and Economy Fields (
Recent Project List  
Settings Search (
Single Dialog Settings Save/Load (
VE Analyze Live - Auto Tune  
WUE Analyze - Warm up Auto Tune (Read More))  
Integrated Log Viewer (Read More)    
Log Trailing and Playback (Read More)    
Trim Table AutoTune (Read More)    
Tuning & Dyno View Designer (Read More)    
Tuning & Dyno Views (Read More)    
Channel Editor (Simple & Advanced) (Read More)
X-Y Plotting on Curve Graphs (Read More)    
Full Application Log Playback (Read More)    
Trigger Sound Alerts    
User Actions (Read More)    
Action Triggers (Read More)    
Acceleration Performance Dash (Read More)    

* Bluetooth Direct is currently only supported on Windows. Linux and MAC installs need to configure virtual com ports in order to use Bluetooth