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Changes Applied from 0.999.6b to 0.999.9a

7/23/2010 - 0.999.6b Released
7/24/2010 - Fixed CAN reading for optimal speed.
7/24/2010 - Made the number of Indicators rows on the default dash determined by the count of indicators.
7/25/2010 - Added 19200 baud
7/25/2010 - Made Communication settings apply on dialog close

7/25/2010 - 0.999.6c Released
7/27/2010 - Allow decimal places on VE Analyze Authority Limits
7/27/2010 - Fixed CRC failure when entire data page is blank
7/27/2010 - Fixed right click on VE Analyze table caused TS to go offline.
7/27/2010 - Made VE Analyze use a TS AFR Table when Narrowband sensor
7/27/2010 - VE Analyze filters Idle VE on MS3
7/27/2010 - Check to make sure settings dialog doesn't open on second monitor when it isn't available
7/27/2010 - Removed Table Editor from Tool menu
7/27/2010 - Was not rejecting bad och reads

7/27/2010 - 0.999.6d Released
7/29/2010 - Added support in MathParser for exponents in the format 9.55E-4

7/31/2010 - 0.999.7 Released

8/1/2010 - Created TriggerWheel Widget (Not used anywhere yet)
8/2/2010 - Fixed Indicators flashing if Show Demo was on
8/3/2010 - Created BasicTriggerWheel Pattern Generator
8/4/2010 - Added Mouse Movement to Trigger Wheel Widget
8/6/2010 - Fixed VE Analyze Custom Filter, error if expression started with a (
8/6/2010 - Added Expression type filter to VE Analyze
8/7/2010 - Implemented filters for Table Switching in Extra VeAnalyzeMap ini's
8/7/2010 - Redirect help urls to
8/9/2010 - Fixed Designer Mode tab in dialog selected next component on dash
8/9/2010 - Designer Mode Fixed Table skips, tabbing through gauges, ~every 3rd tab did nothing.
8/9/2010 - Added warning for using temp project and blocked out connecting while using temp project
8/9/2010 - Added Horizontal Dashed Bar Gauge Painter
8/9/2010 - Made Vertical Dashed Bar Painter support Clockwise rotation
8/10/2010 - Autoscale Curve Graphs
8/19/2010 - Fixed MS3 SD Log Transform when CAN devices in Project.
8/20/2010 - Stop write to controller when data hasn't changed, unless it is a noLocalUpdate field. This prevents excessive Burn commands on dialog close.
8/20/2010 - Fixed problem with output channel name replacement with value where channel name begining exists elsewhere in the config as a valid name. For example mafmap, maf could be substituted with the maf value making the formula invalid.
8/20/2010 - Made the outpc validator stricter, it now fails when the reference value is uninitialized.
8/20/2010 - Fixed VE Analyze Cell Locking.
8/20/2010 - Made VE Analyze continue where it left off and removed the dialog prompt.
8/21/2010 - Made focus return to component after any burn, undo or redo events.
08/22/2010 - Fixed Default Dash with 9-14 indicators to stretch in 1 row.
08/23/2010 - Made bits class Constants support up to S32 type, earlier only supported up to U08
08/23/2010 - Added Timestamp to MS3 SD log output file name, this includes support for a time stamp provided in the header of the file.
08/25/2010 - Handled ini Error in HiRes  11d ini
08/27/2010 - Made Help open dialog help before Main Help when a dialog is open.
08/27/2010 - Corrected Launch Indicator for MS3 0.26 code
08/28/2010 - Made 2D tables enable / disable properly on open.
08/28/2010 - Added app protocol for help hyperlinks. 
08/29/2010 - using the new app protocol made some help selections context based.
08/30/2010 - Linked in several new help pages
08/30/2010 - Restricted Curve Auto-scaling to the Accel Wizard as it was having some bad side effects on some other Curve Graphs
08/31/2010 - Corrected Default TunerStudioProject creation to be in the correct non-english "My Documents" dir on Windows.
08/31/2010 - Added App Edition to Autoupdate so updates can be specific different editions.
09/01/2010 - New Project "Detect" now checks for no firmware loaded and infors the user of where toget firmware information. This is not tested as all my MCU's have firmware loaded :P

09/02/2010 - 0.999.8 Released as Beta

09/02/2010 - Fix multiple prompts of lost data when going offline without a burn.
09/03/2010 - Fixed Curve problems from Autoscale.
09/03/2010 - Increased the max allocated memory in windows.
09/04/2010 - Modified outpc validator to work with secl that don't roll over at 255
09/04/2010 - Modified handling of comms errors to make it TS more resistant to going offline.
09/07/2010 - Handle delete of req fuel value in standard Injection dialog
09/07/2010 - Handle MS3 Serial Mode 10 error

09/08/2010 - 0.999.8c Released as Beta

09/08/2010 - Enabled CAN Setup for MSII 2.9x firmware.
09/12/2010 - handled null pointer exception checking for crc command
09/13/2010 - Several Comms changes including the handling of RXTX. Seem to have eliminated all traces of orphan bytes and hopefully helped recovery of disappearing BT serial connections.

09/13/2010 - 0.999.8f Released as Beta

09/14/2010 - Kill Indicator demo cycle when going online
09/21/2010 - increased resistance to going offline
09/22/2010 - Enhanced Curve Graph auto-scale behavior with hysteresis
09/22/2010 - Made CurveGraph apply saved mins and maxes on initialization
09/23/2010 - fixed detect in new project
09/23/2010 - Fixed missed burns when writeChunk is disabled
09/23/2010 - Corrected OS X RXTX Library

09/23/2010 - 0.999.8g Released as beta

09/28/2010 - Added Composite and trigger loggers from MS2Extra 2.1e
09/28/2010 - Fix register for paint requests when adding a new User Dashboard
09/29/2010 - improved ini error reporting
09/30/2010 - Updated Names of AEM WB Controllers to make it clearer which is the older non-linear 
10/05/2010 - fixed an annoying block of a '-' in gauge limits. 
10/07/2010 - Fixed revert back of number of decimal places on a gauge when clicking on it in designer mode.
10/07/2010 - Added new signature format of MS2e 3.03 to Trigger logger.
10/18/2010 - VE Analyze Target Lambda Table is now user selectable.
10/21/2010 - VE Analyze goes full screen for small screens.
10/27/2010 - Fix so OchValidator resets buffer when secl == 0
10/28/2010 - Warn and disable CAN controller when main controller goes online and CAN device fails.
10/28/2010 - Restructured Blocking reads - significant changes.
10/28/2010 - Updated comm thread watch dog logic. Hopefully reconnect to all bluetooth and usb cables that get disconnected from PC and reconnected.
10/28/2010 - updated Linux and OS X RXTX driver
10/28/2010 - Packaged OS X and Linux RXTX driver differently so you can start by double clicking the jar directly.
10/28/2010 - Removed Vehicle Properties tab until I actually add something in that is using it
10/28/2010 - fixed clock time roll back detection.

10/31/2010 - 0.999.8m Released as beta

11/01/2010 - Fix Diagnostics tabe enablement for 3.03x code
11/01/2010 - 0.999.8n Released as beta
11/02/2010 - Fix 2 missing Loggers in 3.03x firmware
11/02/2010 - Added Firmware Info to all the signature mismatch dialogs.
11/02/2010 - 0.999.8o Released as beta
11/04/2010 - Scale the gauges divider when docking and un-docking VE Analyze
11/08/2010 - Changes for custom branding
11/17/2010 - Process multiple MS3 SD logs and FRD logs in a batch.
11/17/2010 - Changed signature mismatch verbiage
11/20/2010 - Added support for [SettingGroups] in ini file. This allows them to be specific to a firmware. They can be added to those availabl e ini the settingsGroups.xml or over-ride them. See More
11/22/2010 - Altered automatic page burn mechanism to include page reads. This fixes a problem where msq data could be lost if a dialog is opened while loading an msq to the controller.
11/23/2010 - Fixed Port Editor light bulbs
11/24/2010 - 0.999.8s Released as beta
11/24/2010 - Fixed problem with path to registration info
11/24/2010 - Fixed problem with path to image that broke VE Analyze
11/24/2010 - Fixed file permissions problems in tar file
11/24/2010 - Added missing OS X comms lib
11/25/2010 - Fixed Registration save dir
11/25/2010 - Fixed File permissions in Tar file
11/25/2010 - fixed build problem that was loosing image for VE Analyze
11/25/2010 - 0.999.8w Released as beta
12/01/2010 - Filter INVALID for Port Editor
12/02/2010 - Improved flow and verbiage of ini mis-match errors
12/05/2010 - Detect no firmware loaded when running Detect
12/07/2010 - Retrieve and pass Firmware Info through the layers to report it on detect
12/08/2010 - Reversed Mouse Wheel Zoom on Trigger Logger viewer
12/08/2010 - Handle OutputChannel errors in Publisher. Log error and publish remaining channels.
12/10/2010 - Monitor CurrentTune file for changes by external applications
12/13/2010 - Added Application Action Support, these will enable more dynamic triggering from other components.
12/16/2010 - Added Help Action Support, new application Tags in the help files to generate content or Application actions base on current projects or firmware.
12/16/2010 - Fixed Y Axis manual max setting error.
12/17/2010 - Added Detect button to Communications Dialog.
12/20/2010 - Fixed CurrentTune modified dialog coming up on diff report.
12/21/2010 - Fixed invisible text in Comments Editor on a reopen.
12/21/2010 - made many of the Menu Items optional through properties settings.
12/23/2010 - Added configurability for default look & feel and optionally hidden menu items.
12/28/2010 - Fixed Window Position lost on Minimize or close while maximized.
12/28/2010 - 0.999.9 Released as beta
12/28/2010 - Fixed some funky characters in the warmup wizard. Removed the double %
12/29/2010 - Fix Scroll bars not coming on when settings dialog is wider than screen.
12/30/2010 - Made Scroll bars turn on for complex dialogs containing tables.
12/31/2010 - Reduced timeout on device detection and added some filters to prevent false detection.
2011/01/03 - Created a TriggerWheel Setting Panel
2011/01/03 - Skip Can't connect message if there is no port set in the project
2011/01/04 - Changed "..." Buttons to "Browse"
2011/01/04 - Improved saving of Slider Positions on VE Analyze
2011/01/04 - updated packaged ini files
01/04/2011 - 0.999.9a Released as Stable release