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Now included in Lite! Edition of TunerStudio!

For all you MegaSquirt 3 users, I know you have been waiting for this...

Now there is no need to need to remove you SD card. While TunerStudio Lite! has basic download and delete function for the MS3 SD card, registered Users can Browse, Download and delete MS3 SD files through TunerStudio MS.Downloads automatically convert the MS3 files to standard MSL files so they are ready to open in MegaLogViewer MS!


New to TunerStudio 2.3 and up and MS3 1.3 firmware - Turbo Baud. During file downloads, TunerStudio and the MS3 both kick the baud speed up to 230k baud to double the download rate.

MS3 SD Console

Get the TunerStudio MS Beta Here

Get the latest MS3 alpha Firmware Here

MS3 SD Console Downloading