TS Dash was made with the Raspberry Pi in mind and that makes a great platform. However, it can be used with all operating systems that TunerStudio supports.
- Windows 7, Vista, 10 & 11
- Linux
- Mac OS

Raspberry Pi

TS Dash works well with Raspberry Pi 3+, Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB RAM is recommended.

If you start with the provided reference image from the download site, everything will be installed and ready to go.

However, if you are setting up TS Dash on something other than a Raspberry Pi (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), download the .tar.gz or .zip file.
Expand that into a folder on your PC. You will need to install a JRE. JRE 8 or 11 are recommended.
Download one here

If you are working on your own Raspberry Pi and want to take advantage of reading or setting Pin states, you will need to install Wiring Pi.

Wiring Pi installation instructions can be found here

Raspberry Pi TS Dash Setup Instructions

Other Platforms

TS Dash will only a require a JRE for your operating system. Pin Management will be unavailable.
JRE 8 or 11 is recommended. It can me downloaded from here.

Once you have a JRE installed, extract the TS Dash folder from the zip or tar.gz file downloaded from here.
You can run TS Dash by running the TSDash.sh file on Linux or Mac OS, on windows, double clicking the TSDash.jar file will start the application.