Question: Does TunerStudio support Macs?
Answer: Yes! There is now OS X installer in the download section.


Windows Crash

Question: I am getting a BSOD on windows, why and how do I fix it?


Answer: This is a a known problem with the Prolific usb to serial driver impacting all cables that are based on the prolific chipset including the IOGear cable.
I have seen computers work fine with this chipset and driver, but then at some point BSOD and from there on it will cause problems. It seems as though the driver does not handle a potential resource conflict and Prolific has been slow to fix it.

Prolific has released a fairly new (May25, 2011) driver that appears to finally fix this: New Driver
This driver will not auto-update in Windows (on my machines, anyhow), You must remove the old driver first using the device manager, or the following utility if the device manager doesn't work: Driver Removal Utility
The software and driver update page is here:


What ECUs are supported?

TunerStudio and MegaLogViewer started with the MegaSquirt community but because of its ease of use and adaptability, it has been getting adopted by users of several other EFI controllers and data acquisition units.

MegaLogViewer now has specialized editions:

MegaLogViewer HD - For motor cycle users of Harley Davidson TTS, Dyno Jet Power Commander, Dyno Jet Power Vision, TCFI, Twin Scan and more. Learn More

MegaLogViewer BigStuff3 - Fully function MegaLogViewer for BigStuff3 users. This even includes VE Analyze and table editing of .big tune files. This is a big move forward for BigStuff3 users with data log capabilities far beyond what they have been using. Learn More

Monster Products has adopted a specialized version of TunerStudio for their Monster ECM line.

Several other TunerStudio support efforts are in the pipeline.

Naturally Shadow Logger Support comes with the TunerStudio Adaptations.


How do I get support for my fuel injection controller?

If you would like to have all the great features of our software work with your ECU you should contact your hardware vendor. Let them know that you what it to work with TunerStudio and MegaLogViewer. Have them contact us and we can work with them to make it happen.