What is MegaLogViewer
MegaLogViewer is an application to view and graph all Megasquirt Log files. Or any delimited file for that matter. It will graph any field in your MegaSquirt(I, II, MSnS-Extra...) log file captured by MegaTune, MegaTunix or Palm based MS-Logger. MegaLogViewer allows you to add any fields to your log files, they will automatically be detected and available for view and display, no MegalogViewer configuration changes needed.
MegaLogViewer is user friendly application, you will find it to be very stable and work as you expect with a refined feel. Now taking MegaLogViewer to the next level version 2.2 has added log file based VE table correction. VE Analysis is built on a flexible Engine that performs multiple calculations on each log record that passes filtering criteria. No special configuration changes are needed to achieve accurate results.
Written in Java to support all OS's and platforms.

  • VE Table Tuning
  • MSQ File Table Editing
  • Auto Update - check here for more info on Auto update
  • Scale change, up to 8x zoom
  • Playback from 1/8 speed to 8x speed
  • Overlayed Graphs
  • Compare mode - Overlay second file values
  • Wideband O2 - AFR calculations
  • Calculated Fields - RPM/Sec, Vacuum, Boost, PW-1. See Math Parser
  • Frame to table Cell display
  • Mass Air Flow mapping
  • Custom Formulas with free hand math
  • Save Graph to Jpeg for easy posting to web
  • Customizable colors, gauges and UI features.
  • User friendly interface that saves all settings and enables navigation by keyboard, buttoms and mouse.
  • Text Math Parser for custom extensions and fields